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Here Are Some Features Customers Like You Have Built Using Archimydes:

Integrate a user's twitter feed into their portfolio page

Build front end screens so user's can securely upload and share documents

Consolidated several screens to 

1 screen

Twitter Feed Integration

File Upload & Sharing

Refactor Existing Screens

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With Convenient User Story Input and Review, You Can Out-Task a Single Card from Your Jira Board!

  • Ship That One Extra Feature, Without the Long Term Commitment Required by a Dev Shop or Consulting Firm!
  • You Pay Only When the Code Works to Your Specification!
  • Get Working, Tested Code in 48 Hours!

Asher Jay | National Geographic Explorer

"Archimydes made it so easy for me to quickly add image upload & scanning features to my application.  I didn't have to hire or manage additional devs to get a few extra features built, and I didn't pay for the code until I was able to see the features working in my app!"

Request feature and provide user stories & success criteria

Step 1

Development and QA; track progress on-platform

Step 3

Step 2

Confirm user stories & success criteria; code review

Step 4

UAT & bug-fix

Merge code & deploy

Step 5

"How Does React Feature Out-tasking Work....?"

  • Each feature request will be captured as 1 or more user stories, with a level of effort estimate for each, so you have a detailed breakdown of the cost.
  • Watch your feature come to life with full visibility on the Archimydes platform
  • You receive working code and complete UAT.  We fix any bugs so you have production ready features to merge and deploy

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Adam Winter | CTO ClarusR+D

"I love having the flexibility to ramp up my product team's output to meet surges in demand from the business.  I sleep better at night knowing that I can always leverage the Archimydes platform to deliver on a critical need!"

Adam had an urgent need to refactor several front end app screens.  His core team was fully utilized and it wasn't enough work to bring in a Dev Shop or consulting firm.

With Archimydes, Adam was able to deliver on his surge demand very quickly. 

Juan Jimenez | CEO at AccurKardia

"We are an early stage healthcare company. Our product has the potential to save lives. We don’t have time to wait to hire additional developers. We need features now. That’s why we use Archimydes!"

The AccurKardia team leverages Archimydes to add front end features as and when the features are needed.  As their workload grows, they hire additional developers, but many times they need features prior to hitting a hiring threshold.

They have used Archimydes to add file upload and malware scanning, user reporting, third party authentication, and many other features.

Here's What You Get:

  • Easy, Optimized User Story Input and Review!
  • Transparent Progression Through the Development Lifecycle!
  • 3 Rounds of Bug Fix to Insure the Perfect Match to Your Requirements!
  • Pay Only When the Code Works to Your Specification!
  • Working Code in 48 Hours!

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