Code as a Service

Why Archimydes?

Build on top of your existing code base following a successful code review process.

Change an existing codebase

Develop a new microservice

Develop a new microservice and link it to your existing services through APIs.

What is Code as a Service?

Consume software development services like other cloud services - pay as you go pricing.


Get started within hours of requesting a code change or microservice. 


Scale your code requests as you need it. Request single or multiple features or microservices. 


Host code on Archimydes and be billed monthly or host the code on your own on-prem or cloud solution.


“As President my primary concern is that my team has everything that it needs to succeed. Archimydes very quickly has become an integral part of our toolkit for success - it enables us to meet challenging product development deadlines, and confidently pursue our digital transformation goals. Their dedication to delivering quality code at a high velocity is unparalleled."

Juan Jiminez, President at Transcita

“We used the Archimydes team to vastly accelerate our development timeline, supplementing our other resources. We handed them a series of user stories and they handed us back JavasScript code that we seamlessly integrated into our platform. I know that when I need to supplement my capabilities for a quick push on a future feature I can turn to the Archimydes platform and quickly scale up my capabilities to meet the deadline.

Michael Jansen, CEO at MiesJansen

Adam Winter, CTO, Clarus R+D

"I care about the delivery of working code, on-time and on-budget. Archymedes gives me the ability to scale my delivery capability in a responsible way. I don’t need to worry about engaging consultants who rack up extra billable hours, or don’t deliver what I asked for. It is enormously freeing to be able to put an upfront cost with a feature - and have it done quickly. I’ve worked with a few members of the Archymedes team and they have uniformly been very highly skilled, delivery-oriented, and communicate well. I highly recommend working with them."

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